As industry leaders in television, digital and print marketing, Meredith Atlanta is dedicated to serving our clients with friendly, unmatched customer service.  We are committed to building our clients’ brands with highly effective marketing campaigns executed locally, regionally or across the country.

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Our Local Stations

CBS46 and Peachtree TV are known in Atlanta for our community advocacy and efforts to get results for our viewers.  With leading syndicated and network television programs, local, regional and national sports, local News shows, Books to Kids initiative, Surprise Squad campaign and more, we are proud to produce and deliver some of the top broadcasts and community outreach missions in Georgia. 


About Meredith Atlanta

Meredith Atlanta is a dynamic team of advertising and marketing consultants specializing in television, OTT, digital, social media, and print. With a diverse portfolio of local brands such as CBS46 and Peachtree TV and additional iconic lifestyle brands such as PeopleEntertainment WeeklyBetter Homes & Garden, Southern Living, ShapeParents, and All Recipes under our parent ownership, this team understands the power of meaningful marketing and driving consumers to action.   



"I choose Meredith Atlanta and Peachtree TV to extend the reach of my target audience. I buy WGCL mainly for sports programming and Peachtree TV to help bring in my CPP. There are many options for delivering my message to the Atlanta DMA, but I will continue to include WGCL & Peachtree TV."

Rhonda Schweber, Associate Media Director of H&L Partners

h&l partners


"Peachtree TV is a quality station within the Atlanta area and surrounding DMA – it has content/shows that specifically cater to the audience that our clients want to target,"

Bruno Boreanaz, Senior Media Buyer for First Media Corp

first media group


"The impact and exposure that we received by participating in the Backyard BBQ feature to the greater Atlanta area are invaluable and we’re still seeing the results with inquiries to our office. Those segments truly helped us build our FireAde brand and it allowed Ron Thames (Founder) the flexibility to demonstrate our Aerosol Extinguisher, anyway we saw fit." 

Jim Rudolph, Vice President of Retail & Business Development, Fire Service Plus, Inc

fire service plus


Our Community

One of Meredith Atlanta's core values is to advocate for our viewers while doing good in the community we serve. We are committed to inform and report on issues affecting Georgia residents, and providing solutions where others have paid no heed. Many of our Meredith Atlanta community initiatives are made possible by sponsors who align with this value. If you’re interested in joining our community efforts, please reach out to Meredith Atlanta.


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