Combining the Power of Magazines and TV Into One Powerful Marketing Campaign

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December 17, 2020 at 3:00 PM

Combining the Power of Magazines and TV Into One Powerful Marketing Campaign

Two of the most time honored forms of marketing, print and broadcast TV, are the cornerstones of any successful advertising campaign. Both are invaluable on their own as powerful tools but combined, they can be even more useful. Adding digital to the mix of TV and magazine can boost outcomes even more, increasing brand awareness by 15%. But for this conversation, we will focus on just the two. With TV and magazine marketing behind your business, you'll be able to reach more people and increase conversions by taking advantage of two mediums that remain popular among millions.

The following are some key benefits of combining TV and magazine advertising.

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More Reach

The key to success for any good marketing campaign, despite the medium used, is a good combination of reach and frequency. Let’s address the former. Of all the marketing channels in use today, TV is still by far the best avenue to obtain maximum reach for your message. Reaching over 99% of US homes, broadcast television has the highest penetration of any other advertising method out there.
Combining the Power of Magazines and TV Into One Powerful Marketing Campaign

Rumors of the demise of print media have been circling for years now, but the claims are just that; rumors. With a reported 228.7 million magazine readers in the U.S. in 2019 (up 4 million from the previous year), magazines are still alive and kicking! With those numbers, magazines are still a very effective method to reach large numbers of readers with your marketing message.  

It goes without saying that combining two of the biggest advertising vehicles around to deliver your message can significantly extend reach. Keep in mind, however, adding the two together doesn’t yield a simple “1+1=2” equation when it comes to audience size. There are some TV viewers who read magazines and some magazine readers who watch TV effectively delivering the same message to a recipient via two different mediums. This type of duplication can help increase the frequency (how often a person is exposed to your marketing) of your ad across marketing channels, further cementing your message in the minds of the person receiving it. 

Conversely, the likelihood exists that you may reach audiences that might not engage at all with one medium or the other. In this case, using both TV and magazines increases your chances of obtaining at least one marketing touch point from a potential customer regardless of the form of entertainment they choose. In addition, using TV and magazine campaigns, also provides an avenue to reach audiences who spend more time offline than segments you may be targeting with digital ads.

Increased Visibility

Extending the reach of your campaign will lead to higher visibility of your brand and message.  With this elevated level of consumer awareness, you stand a much better chance to be top-of-mind when purchasing decisions are being made, and boost trust in your brand.  

For example, you may have ads that target fashion-themed magazines and TV programs, many of which likely share the same audience. The same person who encountered your ad on TV one day may experience another ad the same week or month while reading a new issue of their magazine subscription. This individual will be more likely to recall your brand and associate it with their favorite media. In turn, that person will be more likely to trust your brand and think of you when they're ready to purchase at the end of the buyer's journey.

If you can maintain more visibility, your brand will have a better chance of attracting more people and ensuring they don't forget you.

Heightened Credibility

Some of the world's most memorable household names are those associated with TV and magazines. For example, everyone interested in cooking and cuisine has heard of Better Homes and Gardens and those drawn to in depth storytelling are very familiar with 60 Minutes.  Positioning your business next to these types of powerhouses can drastically increase the overall perception of your brand, creating a halo effect that provides heightened credibility 

Combining the Power of Magazines and TV Into One Powerful Marketing Campaign

Don't underestimate the power your ads can have when published in a high-quality magazine. The credibility of publishing in a popular magazine alone encourages 62% of readers to take action after seeing an ad. Complementing these ads with TV can significantly make all of your ads more enticing than your competitors' on either platform alone.

Harness the Power of TV and Magazine Advertising Together for Optimal Results

Through TV and magazine advertising combined, you can benefit from the unbridled power of an integrated marketing campaign behind your brand. You'll be able to extend your reach to wider audiences, increase overall visibility among those audiences, and improve credibility with prospects as you attract more customers. You can further make the most of both of these channels by integrating them with digital and other advertising efforts that keep your brand ubiquitous across all platforms.

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