How to Use Digital to Strengthen Your TV Ad's Effectiveness

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October 20, 2021 at 2:53 PM

How to Use Digital to Strengthen Your TV Ads Effectiveness

While individually effective, digital ads and tv commercials maximize their potential when you integrate the two strategies. Combining TV and digital advertising builds upon their strength and amplifies their effectiveness. Together, they can be formed to create a cohesive design for your marketing materials, reaching customers wherever they browse. 

The two are complementary mediums, since TV advertising achieves a 90% reach among adults 18 and older, delivering your brand to a broad group. Whereas digital ads reach people while they're actively engaged, as 7 out of 10 online experiences start with the use of a search engine. Digital ads also benefit from analytics, which give you more capability to target and retarget your audience.  

To help you make the most of these mediums, here is more information on how combining traditional and digital marketing strengthens your TV ad's effectiveness.  

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Digital Ads Allow for More Specific Targeting   

Screen Shot 2021-10-19 at 2.47.34 PMDigital ads are incredibly targeted and offer significant opportunities for reaching dedicated customers and those with similar interests who are likely to become customers. Digital tracking and measuring allow you to budget wisely and spend efficiently to reach those most likely to buy. Tighten your ad spend by wasting less time and effort on consumers who will never be interested in your product.   

Take advantage of digital targeting using the data you collect on your target audience to personalize your digital and email marketing. It will make it easier for you to make customers feel heard, which improves the impact of TV ads by reinforcing your core customer's perception of you.  

Notable benefits include: 

  • Reaching the right people at the right time 
  • Gaining better insight into who is seeing your ad 
  • Knowing how well your ads resonated with your target audience to adjust accordingly 
  • Increasing brand awareness among the right audience 

Reaches Customers at Key Moments  

Reaching customers at critical moments of their buyer journey effectively influences their purchasing decision and directs them to your brand and products. TV is a passive medium that increases awareness and efficiently informs consumers. It's also known to significantly influence a customer's likelihood to follow through with taking action.  

Digital ads, meanwhile, encourage immediate action by clicking on links to your site, reaching customers while they're researching purchases, and more likely considering purchasing or hiring someone. Essentially, digital ads amplify the sales performance of your commercials by reaching customers at the last minute and encourages them to follow through. 

Digital and TV Ads Have a Positive Feedback Loop   

Screen Shot 2021-10-19 at 2.47.50 PMMarketers increasingly notice the value in combining TV and digital marketing, as their strengths complement each other. TV ads increase your business credibility and add more touchpoints for customers to encounter your brand and offerings. It increases your other ads' effectiveness by getting customers to remember you better. Since it takes nearly 5 to 7 impressions for your message to resonate best, the added volume helps you reach that point sooner. 

The added trust and credibility make customers more likely to click your digital ads because they know you're a legitimate business behind the ad. After all, your audience will be more likely to trust an online brand they've heard of multiple times over one they haven't. In this area, both mediums build upon and improve each other.  

After building positive experiences among your audience, TV commercials also reinforce your relationship with customers. They remind customers why they purchased from you, reiterate how positive their experience was.  Regular reminders increase their likelihood of becoming repeat customers while building loyalty.     

Take Charge of Your Marketing Potential  

Coordinating your ads and brand look is challenging. It takes a lot to keep your marketing channels consistent and effective — let alone integrating with other highly efficient yet highly challenging strategies.  

Fortunately, you can overcome these common challenges by working with a media partner to tap into their expertise and experience. When you have a team of specialists guiding you through the process, you get to skip over all the first-time hurdles and surge ahead of your competition. 

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