Why Meredith Atlanta Is a Unique Option for Your Advertising Plan

Michael Fanning

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June 25, 2020 at 8:55 AM


Meredith Atlanta is an industry leader in television, digital, and print: a winning combination that can allow our partners to expand their available resources and increase their ability to successfully market their business. We have a large staff of consultants who work with our clients on effective decision making to ensure the best possible outcomes for their businesses. Here are a few reasons why Meredith Atlanta is a unique option to help you develop your advertising plan.

We are consultants, not salespeople.

Meredith Atlanta’s focus is to create strong, effective, long term partnerships with our clients to help their companies reach the next level. While several industry professionals employ sales-driven workers to grow their own bottom line, we deploy a team of consultants to help our clients make the best decisions for their business. Our highly experienced media professionals work with you throughout the entire process. Determining your target audience, setting your goals and key performance indicators, designing and creating advertising content, or simply distributing your message to the masses, we are here in whatever capacity you need us to help find advertising opportunities and options that fit your specific needs. Your final outcome is our first concern.

We can help guide you to growth.

Generating positive outcomes for your brand is the key concern for everyone on the Meredith Atlanta team. We utilize our many years of experience and leverage the channels, platforms, and programs that are most likely to help you meet your goals. Whether it’s a targeted digital activation or a cause marketing campaign, we work with each client to build an effective and customized advertising plan to help them meet their objectives. We want to understand your core company values, the challenges your business face, and the areas where you would like to see growth to help you design a marketing plan that fits who you are. Your business is one-of-a-kind, and we want to help you create a marketing plan that is as unique as you are.

We are a one-stop-shop.

At Meredith Atlanta, we offer industry-leading TV, digital, and print advertising platforms eliminating the need to shop around for different partners for each service. Not only can we use our top-notch mediums to get your message out, but we can also create that message for you. Our team of designers, producers, and videographers can generate your print, digital, or television ads in-house, cutting down the time from creation to deployment. Handling all of these tasks under one roof offers increased convenience, and effortless oversight to maintain consistency across all of your advertising platforms. Keeping a homogeneous theme, brand voice, and message lets customers know what to expect from you and we can help you develop this type of successful integrated marketing approach.

We offer more marketing resources.

The Meredith Atlanta team offers access to a wide range of assets: television stations reaching viewers in your local area, lifestyle ads, social engagement, email marketing, streaming and OTT, and even cause marketing options that can help our clients connect more effectively with the local community. But what makes us unique is access to our magazines and their associated websites and apps that span the entire country. With over 100 years in the magazine business, we offer print and targeted digital ads through publications like Better Homes and Gardens, Parents, People, Real Simple, Shape, Health, and more. Access to these brands and the multitude of marketing resources in our portfolio can make it easy for you to develop an effective marketing mix focused on expanding your reach and improving the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

The combined mix offers a stronger approach for our clients. By combining our various first in class marketing mediums, you are able to create more touchpoints with your audience, and are more likely to make a lasting impression and positively affect your company growth.

From strategic planning and consultation to content production, our specialists are highly trained and capable of guiding our customers down the path to successfully reach their target audience with a well-crafted message that hits the mark. We offer full-package solutions with access to a wide range of marketing resources, giving our clients the tools they need to manage their marketing campaigns all in one place, and enhance their marketing success.

We pride ourselves on being a unique advertising partner that offers a wide array of marketing assets, customized strategies, and unmatched reliability guiding our clients through every step of the go to market process. Our team members are highly motivated, extremely creative, and dedicated to expanding your reach, improving your customer base, and helping you reach your marketing goals.

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